The board of Caloundra Power Boat Club is committed to the improvement and ongoing maintenance of the club and it’s facilities


Ongoing review of the facilities and services that the Club can provide to members and guests is a major priority for the Board and is a regular agenda item at Board meetings. Management of the Club’s assets and consolidation of operations also continue to be priorities for the Board. As a community Club, profits are used to upgrade all aspects of the Club’s operations and to support several Sunshine Coast activities and charities.


to encourage and provide dining, social, recreational and sporting activities and facilities for the benefit of the Club’s members

to foster friendship and goodwill among the Club’s members

to develop and foster relationships with kindred organisations

to make donations for patriotic, charitable, and community purposes.


  • to improve and extend the services and facilities offered to the Club’s members and the community
  • to grow and maintain the Club’s membership
  • to support the Sunshine Coast Region through maintaining use of at least 90 per cent local produce and materials.

The Board has adopted several strategies to achieve these objectives. These include:

  • promoting the Club’s unique position and perfect water-front view
  • maintaining a high standard of facilities for Club members
  • developing and following a five-year Asset Management Plan for the period 2017 to 2022.
  • offering a range of dining options, including local seafood, with diverse menus that change regularly
  • supporting the Sunshine Coast Region by using local produce and resources as much as possible
  • consistently training staff in customer service activities
  • ensuring that staff members have the opportunity to progress their careers in hospitality through, for example, completing the requirements for promotion to Duty Manager positions
  • providing a wide range of free entertainment weekly and on occasions such as public holidays and celebrations such as Australia Day, Easter, etc.
  • providing opportunities to win through raffles and membership draws every week and supporting sub-clubs through provision of opportunities to raise funds through raffles on designated week nights
  • supporting members playing poker machines through a wide range of promotions with prizes, refreshments, and the awarding of meal points that can be redeemed at the Club
  • assisting the Caloundra Coast Guard in its activities through sponsorship and by providing the opportunity to raise funds through Saturday raffles
  • promoting the points of difference that distinguish the Club from other similar facilities on the Sunshine Coast
  • addressing succession planning through the appointment of an Assistant Secretary.

The Club’s performance is measured through the use of both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks. The Directors use these benchmarks to assess the Club’s financial sustainability and whether the long- and short-term objectives are being achieved. The key performance indicators are considered in detail annually at a Board meeting and, where necessary, strategies are modified or developed both to improve and maintain performance.


Over the last four years the Club’s interior décor and furnishings have been fully refurbished. Extensions have been completed to provide additional, covered, comfortable dining space and a second kitchen was completed in late 2014. This provided an additional style of cooking through the Asian food now served in The Galley.

In 2016, the three function rooms were completely refurbished, including modernising of the bar areas, repainting, recarpeting, purchase of new art work, installation of view-through blinds that enhance the water views from the rooms, and fittings such as plant pots that complement the new décor. The rooms now provide excellent settings for photos of weddings and other functions.

Redevelopment of the outdoor “barbecue area” in 2016 provided members with the opportunity to dine outdoors at the water’s edge.

A new, large courtesy bus has been purchased and a second, smaller bus was added in 2016. The courtesy buses provide an invaluable service for members and guests through ensuring their safe travel home after attending the Club. They also enable older members to access the Club easily as some of these members no longer drive.

Gaming machines have been replaced or upgraded regularly, with attention given to the latest developments available. A staged program of gaming machine replacement was approved by the Board and were implemented in 2017–18.

Extensions to the deck areas adjacent to the function rooms were completed in 2015. Stairs were added to allow function guests, particularly wedding parties, direct access from the gazebo and grassed areas to the upstairs rooms.